Going back to my roots was something I had not explored before. My mom is a German teacher and I have always been interested by the Holocaust, and how many people believe that the it did not occur. The easy and effortless silhouette of the working women during this era of the late 1930’s and 40’s came into the mix, which gave for an interesting juxtaposition with intricate and slightly futuristic details used from the silicone copies and finishings. The assemblage within this collection gives an unexpected twist to minimalism. This collection started from a concept inspired from my hometown of Portland Oregon. I took the three main themes that came to mind when thinking about home, which are vintage/recycle, rain, and rose city. This resulted in a concept of real vs. surreal while using vintage clothing to create copies to add to new garments with liquid silicone. This was the leading element in my collection along with finishing edges and hems with silicone.