BOUND ss’17 began with an eye mask. My process took me through prestigious travel, continuous black textures and a  journey through sleep illnesses. Insomnia and it’s symptoms became the main concept throughout this collection. Elements of entrapment and fluidity created a juxtaposed theme. Garments are draped in organic ways starting with geometric shapes. A simple rectangle became a shirt, as well a circle, which was tied together with various sizes of elastic. These garments are meant to look one way, but worn another. It was designed to look like one is trapped inside, held together by strings, yet still be easy to get on/off. Fabrications are easy, simple, and intended to drape & move with the body. Textures are random and erratic. They look as if they are full of texture to the hand, but are rather flat. This collection works to push the boundary between simplicity and complexity within details and garment construction.